Thursday, September 3, 2015

Windows of Opportunity Painting, Symbol for Women's Equality

“Windows of Opportunity" is the symbol artwork for women's equality which also promotes diversity and inclusion. It is a 16”x20” watercolor, hand painted by me for my organization, Women For Action. There are six women from different backgrounds in a window bordered with gold leaf enamel. In the background, the sun is setting, an ancient symbol for the masculine, which eludes to the idea that a special opportunity is available with the alliance of all sisters in the movement, to crossover and make a leap for equality.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

For the Women's Equality Exhibit

I have been working on an art piece for my organization's new fundraising campaign for a project called the Women's Equality Exhibit. The pieces below are just a demonstration of some of the headshots that will be in the final painting.

The painting will demonstrate women that are representative of the diversity in America today.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Painted Table Tops (Abstract)

Previously, these were white glass tops that I eventually painted. I used to place the tops on foot stools because we would use the stools for ashtrays or drinks when we entertained or relaxed. To spruce up the look, I wanted to turn the table tops into something more interesting while entertaining. First there was Eve, then came Adam... Just kidding! First came day which is the lighter version shown above and then there is night- the dark abstract version. Plus the table tops integrate well with our abstract chairs and bench that sits on the other side of the room.

Universe Space Table

I am not sure how I feel about this table. It used to have a seated- marble top until it conveniently slid out and broke while moving. I was a bit broken- hearted because the top was extraordinary. To restore my love for this unique wonder, I painted the topside. It took several layers because the paint kind of set into the pores of the wood. This is an abstract painting of all the extraordinary things of the universe.- The things we do not understand and things that can not be interpreted. I added a few of my favorite things along the way. The final step is to lay a seated bubble-shape glass on top. I will update this post once it has been done!

Rainbow Bathroom Tiles

I custom designed and crafted these tiles for a bathroom in my house. I cut each waterproof colored sheet into squares to place them like mosaic tiles for a bathroom.  Truthfully, I have to recall the material that I use. These tiles never tore or fell apart. They remained even after the few years we remained in this house.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mosaic Glass Table Project

This is a mosaic table I am still working on. The base did not come with the glass top. I still have to grout my pieces on top. Most of my glads beads were hand painted. I have a bit more to go before the final project is done.

Art Deco Pink Table and Art

This is a vintage coffee table that I revamped. It used to have peeled off cream color paint with a beige leather top. I turned it into a piece of art, inspired by one of my favorite at periods, Art Deco.
Previously I started revamping the table because I wanted something different. The shabby look was too blah for me. I knew I wanted to go bold. Orange was my initial color of choice, but I thought "why not pink"? Pink is my favorite color. I do have some pink decor throughout the house. In all honesty, my house is pretty different. I have been told that it looks like an art studio. So I decided, "why not". Let's do pink. Let's get daring. Take a risk. Walk on the wild side! And um, I am very pleased. The only thing is, I can't sit anything on it. I think after a couple coats of varnish, maybe three, I can sit a small plant or vase in the corner. That would be pretty much it. Salut!

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